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Top Miami Animal Hospitals - Knowles Animal Clinics

Since 1923, Knowles Animal Clinic has been Miami’s first and only family owned, twenty-four hour animal Clinic. Today, our fully staffed animal hospitals maintain the highest standards to keep us at the top of the Miami animal clinic field. All your pet’s needs from routine annual visits to major surgeries can be taken care of at either of our two progressive animal hospitals. Our state of the art facilities give us the advantage to offer our patients the best available medicine for a speedy diagnosis and treatment plan for your precious family members. Our Veterinarians and staff are kind and offer a gentle hand in caring for your sick or injured animal. Our desire to understand the needs of our clients at a time when their pets are ill or injured helps us keep up our reputation for the finest medicine any Miami animal hospital has to offer.

Knowles Central Animal Clinic and Knowles Snapper Creek Animal Clinic have always been two of the finest animal hospitals in Miami. The bonds we form with our patients and owners helps us understand their needs and the needs of their pets. By doing this, we can better diagnose and treat your animal at the level you have come to expect from the staff and doctors at Knowles Animal Clinics.

Knowles Animal Clinic Philosophy

To enhance veterinary practice care that promotes:

Compassionate care is the number one desire of pet owners. We see your pet as part of your family and thoroughly understand your desire for a caring, professional course of treatment.

Quality medicine ensures that patients get the treatment they expect.

Exceptional Services: Knowles animal clinics focus on fulfilling the needs of the pet owner as well as the pet.

At Knowles Animal Clinic, we take pride in our team of veterinarians and staff, and recruit professional, energetic and enthusiastic associate veterinarians to join our clinics. Our organization is composed of a north end and a south end progressive animal clinic where quality medicine and surgery are practiced.

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Knowles Mission

Knowles Animal Clinics are dedicated to providing outstanding veterinary medicine in a personable and accommodating manner by focusing on high quality standards of animal medicine, diagnostics, compassionate treatment of all animals and client education while also maintaining a pleasant, professional and safe work environment.

Video Tours

Central Video
Knowles Central

Snapper Video
Knowles Snapper Creek


Snapper Creek

AHAA LOGOThe American Animal Hospital Association(AAHA) adhere to the highest quality of standards, which help ensure the best care for your pet.

Knowles Animal Clinics Proudly provide veterinary services for the City of Miami Canine Units, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Miami Dade Corrections / Narcotics, and Miami Dade's Canine Units.

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