A regular bathing schedule is an important grooming step to improve and maintain the comfort of your pet’s skin and coat. When a grooming appointment is scheduled, the Knowles health care team also takes the opportunity to examine your pet. Ears are cleaned and nails are trimmed.When requested, a doctor will check skin, ears, eyes and review other obvious health issues.  The appropriate treatments and medications will be discussed with you.

Medical grooming is available for the health and well being of your pets and is one of the basic steps in the control of skin diseases and external parasites. Flea control is also essential to a healthy, happy environment for you and your pets. Medical grooming is anything from a basic or medicated bath, to a full clip down. When the health and well being of an animal is at stake, a partial clip down, special area clip, ear plucking, nail trimming or other non-esthetic grooming will be provided by a caring and gentle Knowles team member, who will insure your cat or dog’s comfort.

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