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Our professional, caring staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, working with post-surgical care to critically ill patients. Pain assessment and management, vital signs and fluid monitoring are under constant surveillance for all hospitalized patients. Your pet is our highest priority and our goal is maintaining comfort even when addressing those with critical needs.

You are encouraged to visit your animal if he or she is being cared for in our hospital. This not only benefits you but also stimulates the healing process of your beloved pet. Your presence and attention is critical to your pet’s recovery.  Check with our Client Service Representative for visiting hours.


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24/7 – 365 Days


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Medical attention is always a simple phone call away. There is no better, fully staffed, emergency vet team to turn to than Miami’s elite at Knowles Animal Clinics. Both of our animal hospitals are fully staffed and prepared for you and your pet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Please note that like any emergency room, the most critical patients need priority attention. There are times we may ask you to wait so that we can attend to the pet with the greatest need.

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Knowles Animal Clinics are equipped to handle almost any crisis or scheduled surgical procedure – from emergency laceration suturing, broken bones and neurosurgery to routine spays and neuters. Our surgical suite is equipped with state of the art monitoring systems, instruments and technology designed for cutting edge procedures. The Knowles surgeons and staff are professionally trained and prepared to handle any crisis or complication. All patients are monitored before, during and after surgery by our experienced, compassionate team members. Fluid therapy and pain management are provided for all surgical patients to keep your pet hydrated and comfortable throughout the course of their stay.



In critical situations, our in-house laboratory equipment ensures that all our patients receive fast, accurate results. Rapid, accurate results make for a speedy diagnosis for your beloved pet. The sooner we have a diagnosis, the faster the treatment plan can be implemented. And the faster the treatment plan can be implemented, the shorter the hospital stay (more economical and less stress for all), and more importantly, and the sooner your pet feels better.

For routine check-ups (where blood work can be vital to early detection of abnormalities when no symptoms are present), we offer age specific wellness panels for your canine and feline companions, and all vital organs are examined via one blood sample.



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The decision to board a pet is never an easy one. Knowing your pet is safe and well cared for is priceless. Knowles Animal Clinics take pride in our boarding facilities and our team of caregivers is always on staff to offer full services and careful attention to our clients. From healthy to medically challenged, the animals in our care are provided for in a safe, loving environment. A Knowles doctor is always available to immediately address concerns that may arise while boarding. Our staff is familiar with each individual pet and cares for them as if they were their own. It is our mission to provide a safe, comfortable, loving atmosphere, like your pet has at home.

Home Care


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Keep your pet clean & healthy

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A regular bathing schedule is an important grooming step to improve and maintain the comfort of your pet’s skin and coat. When a grooming appointment is scheduled, the Knowles health care team also takes the opportunity to examine your pet. Ears are cleaned and nails are trimmed. When requested, a doctor will check skin, ears, eyes and review other obvious health issues. The appropriate treatments and medications will be discussed with you.


A Message To Our Patients

The reality of veterinary care is that it is just like the purchase of any other product or service, including your favorite breakfast cereal, smartphones and human health care.

It’s not fair to suggest that a grocery store manager is money hungry if he insists that those who purchase food at his supermarket pay their bill. Equally, if an individual wants the latest smartphone, the sales clerk is not considered callous or insensitive if the individual is made to pay for their new device. And we all pay – on some level – for human health care.

A veterinarian’s clinic is no different. All companies have expenses that must be paid to stay in business. And while our goal is to always provide the highest level of expert veterinary care, we understand that we all have different needs and resources. At Knowles, we work with all our clients and extend to them different levels of service that correspond to a sliding fee scale.

Our policy is to give owners treatment options. Plan A is the ideal treatment that would identify or rule out serious and potentially deadly conditions. It includes laboratory test, radiographs and aggressive treatment. In a perfect world, everyone would go for Plan A, but in reality, not everyone can afford it (note that it does not make you a bad pet owner if you cannot fit Plan A into your budget).

Plan B is less expensive and less aggressive, but will still help your pet, and in many cases, will be all that is necessary to return your pet to a healthy state. If Plan B is too much for a family to handle, Plan C is offered, which is a basic level of treatment used to stabilize the pet until the owners can get back to their regular veterinarian or make other arrangements. The pet is still treated, but on occasion, it is less than the ideal solution required for the situation. If none of the plans are acceptable, the pet is given palliative treatment, which includes pain medication and fluids.

At Knowles, we are here for you when you need us most – in emergency situations which can be life threatening and when the vast majority of clinics are closed.

Our goal at Knowles Animal Clinics is to help animals in distress and we only have one rule: Whatever we do has to be fair to the pet, fair to the owner and fair to the clinic. It has been that way for 92 years.

David T. Wise, DVM
Knowles Animal Clinics